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0000242GTAC Client/GameGrand Theft Auto IIIpublic2021-04-13 17:23
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Summary0000242: gta.setCameraLookAt does't work anymore

Since 1.2.13 the target position don't seem to have any effect anymore. The camera stays directed to the north.

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2021-01-03 20:02

administrator   ~0000130

I was unable to reproduce this problem. Every attempt on all three games works as intended.
Also, you submitted this to the server project, but the gta.setCameraLookAt only exists client-side


2021-01-10 10:16

reporter   ~0000143

So I tried a lot and actually it seems that I cannot interact with player camera unless a player is spawned for the client.
Originally I got the following code, which was working before some update.

The camera is constantly facing north, even though it faced city hall before.

Next try was getting the camera matrix to show some skylines, which lead to see the blue hell...
I tried the matrix in both onResourceStart and onCameraProcess - Same result.

onCameraProcess is getting triggered, I've checked...

Putting setCameraLookAt into onCameraProcess lead to a even stranger result.
Seen in the latest 3 images... while the screenshot from the bridge only appears after reconnecting.


2021-01-10 10:25

reporter   ~0000144

unknown.png (17,999 bytes)   
unknown.png (17,999 bytes)   

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