0000145: [General] Resources progress bar issue (PerikiyoXD)
0000387: [Grand Theft Auto: Vice City] III, VC and SA - Add array/count scripting getters for all element types client-side (Mex)
0000407: [Grand Theft Auto III] Drive-by not synced (Mex)
0000385: [Grand Theft Auto III] III - Aim fix doesn't work with launcher setting Automatic Aspect Ratio enabled (Mex)
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Released 2022-06-05
  • Remove some launcher options for game consistency
  • Remove unused launcher options
  • Force network objects priority to 0
  • Networking is now managed on the main thread removing delays from locks
  • Improved anticheat logic - IV
0000368: [Grand Theft Auto III] Can't jump after use .giveweapon function (Mex)
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Not Yet Released
0000409: [Game Launcher / Server Browser] Some existing languages don't show up on Launcher (Vortrex)
0000412: [Game Launcher / Server Browser] Arabic translation updates (Vortrex)
0000410: [Game Launcher / Server Browser] Polish translation updates (PerikiyoXD)
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Released 2022-07-22
0000421: [Server] Upgrade Windows server JS engine to mozjs60 (jack9267)
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