Released 2023-12-08
0000450: [Game Launcher / Server Browser] "Access denied" trying to launch GTAIV (jack9267)
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Released 2023-03-13
  • Removed unused debug mode option in the launcher
  • Added ENet license to launcher
  • Fix crashes in CHtmlView - litehtml
  • Fix the .text property for GUIText
  • Fixed issues with CreateSwapChain/DestroySwapChain when using a proxy Direct3D device
  • Fixed some mistakes in scissor tests
  • AlwaysExistsForSyncer is now reset on syncer change if transient to allow deletion
  • Some insane logging removed
  • Deprecated debugMode property in scripting (It was never set)
  • Add support for pickup type in natives - IV
  • Added a null check for peers when searching for a valid host - IV
  • Cursor is now disabled and script controls reenabled when game ends
  • Fixed an invalid cast to a CClientPed when it should be CClientVehicle in GTA3 when adding to the world
  • m_ucCreatedBy member value is now initialised - IV
  • Fixed ped seat calculation for sync - IV
  • Fixed custom text - IV
  • Fixed window issues (Unicode vs ANSI)
  • Fixed a bunch of player issues including model changes - IV
  • Fixed player info array extending breaking the multiplayer money - IV
  • Use RegisterNetworkObject and UnregisterNetworkObject for GTAC elements - IV
  • Extend the player info array properly - IV
  • Simplification of supported ASIs
  • SCO support moved to generic code - IV
  • Anticheat fixes - IV
  • Fix leaks in DRM logic - IV
  • Most if not all network sessions think it's party mode to enable more features - IV
  • Removed a lot of unused or dead code
  • gta3.ini is no longer loaded
  • Freebies are now disabled properly - III/VC
  • Money drops are all disabled - III/VC
  • Garages are now reset properly (Fixes pay and spray issues) - III/VC
  • Roadblocks are now disabled always - III/VC
  • SetPieces are now disabled always - VC
  • DRM hacks now use way less CPU - IV
  • CJ will no longer feel like drinking - SA
  • More than 8 players should no longer crash the game - SA
  • Entities teleporting now updates the entry info node - IV
  • Hack memory reduced a lot
  • GTAC installer now includes the Visual Studio 2005 redistributable to fix the side by side configuration error
  • GTAC installer now includes DirectX redistributable to avoid common errors
  • DLCConfirm patched out to prevent needless connection to the internet - IV
  • Scripting crash fixes
  • Added fileExists to scripting
  • Added networked flag to NetObject
  • OnElementStreamIn/OnElementStreamOut are now bindable
  • Updated copyright
  • Peer2peer deletion now attempts to migrate entities
  • Fix some SpiderMonkey issues
  • Script events can always prevent default now
  • Added some warning outputs relating to events
  • NetDelay reduced from 10 ms to 5 ms
  • Added some crash fixes for malformed packet handling
  • Fixed a crash if the port is already in use
  • Packets are now sent/received on the network thread
  • Added getScreenFromWorldPosition - IV
  • Bomb da base can be played with one player - IV
  • DXVK is loaded if dxvk.dll exists in the game folder (d3d9 version)
  • Bulletspread hacks fixed - IV
0000200: [Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas] Ped is given a bottle or cigar when respawning at police station after busted
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0000409: [Game Launcher / Server Browser] Some existing languages don't show up on Launcher (Vortrex)
0000412: [Game Launcher / Server Browser] Arabic translation updates (Vortrex)
0000410: [Game Launcher / Server Browser] Polish translation updates (PerikiyoXD)
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0000397: [Wiki] Add wiki page describing ScriptItem2 usage - For wiki editors (user15)
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