Scheduled For Release 2020-05-31
0000128: [Grand Theft Auto III] entity.isOnScreen doesn't work same for Client peds than Ped civilians (PerikiyoXD)
0000133: [Grand Theft Auto III] Civilians doesn't attack threats if runTo is used (jack9267)
0000130: [Grand Theft Auto III] Issues when resolving hex colors (jack9267)
0000117: [Grand Theft Auto III] Radar txd doesn't keep stored (jack9267)
0000115: [Grand Theft Auto III] getObjects() execution crashes the client (jack9267)
0000125: [Grand Theft Auto III] Vehicle lights can't be disabled (jack9267)
0000093: [Grand Theft Auto III] setting entity.mass crashes game on collision (jack9267)
0000170: [Game Launcher / Server Browser] Tabs Favourite, Local and History doesn't resolve hosts (jack9267)
0000124: [Grand Theft Auto III] Sphere variables get updated but they don't seem to do anything (Mex)
0000160: [Grand Theft Auto III] player.weaponAmmoAtSlot (Mex)
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