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0000186ServerServerpublic2020-08-22 12:57
ReporterKewun Assigned To 
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Platformx64OSWindowsOS Version7
Product Version1.1.21 
Summary0000186: Modules loading issue

In linux server, you can't load modules which are in main server directory, you have to put them in a newly created "modules" directory then specify for example <module src="modules/libmod_sqlite" />
But in windows server, it works even if the module is in main server directory. <module src="libmod_sqlite" />
submitting this because some people had issues with that

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2020-08-22 11:21

administrator   ~0000086

The server config uses a relative path for modules and no file extension when specifying them:
<module src="folder_name/module_name" />


2020-08-22 12:52

reporter   ~0000087

thats not the problem.
In linux, modules dont load when they are not in a directory. you must create a directory and put them in it and then dir_name/module_name
But in Windows server this bug doesnt exist. they load even if they are in main root. there where server.exe is


2020-08-22 12:54

administrator   ~0000088

What happens when you put a period to indicate the server's current directory?
i.e. <module src="./module_name" />


2020-08-22 12:57

reporter   ~0000089

Yeah that seems to work, but without the "./" it wont work

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