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0000254ServerGame Launcher / Server Browserpublic2023-02-02 18:10
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Summary0000254: Allow ".asi" Files Setting For Servers

Of course, allowing this would allow for rule-breaking very easily. However, for private servers, like one I'm currently hosting myself for friends, having the option to allow ".asi" modifications to the game would be an absolute blessing. I use "quality-of-life" files, like a fix for widescreen and better camera movement.

It'd be REALLy nice - and I'd play the game a whole lot more if this was an option. Thank you!

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related to 0000268 new Option to Allow/White List .asi Files For Servers 



2023-02-02 18:10

administrator   ~0000343

I don't think this is possible right now. Jack can probably give more details, but here's the short version:

GTAC needs to know which mods to allow when launching the game.
The connection to a server happens after the game is loaded, at which point we can't safely change which mods to allow or block.

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