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0000273Client/GameGrand Theft Auto IVpublic2021-02-17 14:41
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Summary0000273: STORE_SCORE (A players money) is not synchronized in multiplayer.

I've encountered an issue where players that aren't lobby hosts, their money will remain at 0 regardless of what they do, say in a deathmatch, they kill 5 people and that'd equal to 500$. But in the top right corner it shows as 0. Hosts do not have this issue.

However, when pressing tab you'll be able to see the amount you're supposed to have.

I've been making a level system that relies on natives.storeScore() to determine when a player gets XP or not. I've tried other natives in hopes to perhaps get the cash provided in tab/the scoreboard but I've had no luck as all of them just print 0 or 0.0.

Steps To Reproduce

Create a deathmatch, have at least 1 more player with you.

Get the other player to kill you, and ask them if they received any money in the top right corner. If they say their money is 0, then the bug has occurred.
Note, the other player must NOT be the host. As this issue is not present on the host side.

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pls fix

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2021-02-17 14:41


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