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0000285ServerServerpublic2021-03-05 16:48
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Product Version1.1.21 
Summary0000285: Add the ability to call and handle events from/to the Galactic SDK

Considering that GTA Connected does not have a C ABI that we can use, I did notice that the Galactic SDK has the ability to register natives.
This way, we could expose certain functions to the GTA Connected server, and we could receive responses back through some sort of event handler.
Being able to trigger events over on the server side would be great also.

TagsModule, Scripting



2021-03-05 13:26

reporter   ~0000176


Is there any update on this? I would much appreciate if one was given to me.



2021-03-05 15:52

administrator   ~0000177

Well considering you only submitted the feature request two days ago and we've got a lot of other things we're working on at the moment, the answer is no.


2021-03-05 16:21

reporter   ~0000178

You wanna get cocky? Let's get cocky then.
Considering how simple a basic C ABI is, unless you've overcomplicated your internal event handler / native system then it should be a simple change.


2021-03-05 16:47

administrator   ~0000179

It's not about how "simple" the thing is to make. There are only three developers, and we're all busy working on a lot of other more important things. I don't have access to the part of the project (Galactic) that would need changed to support SDK events, so that further limits this issue to only two developers.

When there's an update on the progress of this bug report, we'll let you know.

Again, patience.


2021-03-05 16:48

reporter   ~0000180

A simple "Hey man, we'll look into it when the time comes." would've been sufficient.

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