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0000371GTA ConnectedGrand Theft Auto IIIpublic2023-05-08 18:48
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Summary0000371: gta.createSphere crashes game

Today we've been testing how gta.createSphere works. I created sphere on both client and server side and in both cases the result was identical. Every time it crashed every player with ID number bigger than 0, if player with ID 0 was really close to the sphere. If player with ID number bigger than 0 got too much close to the sphere, his game would crash. We didn't assign any functions to the sphere.

Steps To Reproduce

Add to script (not matter if it's client or server side) gta.createSphere and enter a server with someone. Then come close to the sphere - game crashes.

Lua Code:

SphereTest = nil
SphereTest = gta.createSphere(Vec3(878.943, -304.322, 8.4), 2.0)
addToWorld(SphereTest) -- (only on server-side, but with and without is same effect - game crashes).
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2022-04-24 16:44


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