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0000416ServerBug Trackerpublic2023-01-30 16:04
Reportercaroyankers Assigned To 
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Product Version1.4.0 
Summary0000416: Parameters for custom paths for server resources

There is a feature to set custom path to config file like -config <path>, but there're no such features for lib and resources folder. Maybe there're some server resources I don't know which can be handled by this feature too.

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2023-01-30 16:03

administrator   ~0000328

I think it would be better to allow a relative path in the <resource> entries of the server config. Example:

    &lt;resource src=&quot;resources/foo&quot; />
    &lt;resource src=&quot;old-resources/bar&quot; />


2023-01-30 16:04

administrator   ~0000329

Aaannndd Mantis has dumb HTML character escaping :|

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