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0000439GTA ConnectedGrand Theft Auto: Vice Citypublic2022-08-24 03:02
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Summary0000439: extending a object using .interior causes error (serverside) eg : let NorthPickup1 = gta.createPickup(274, NorthPointGun1, 1); /

let NorthPickup1 = gta.createPickup(274, NorthPointGun1, 1); //---Pistol SPAWN
NorthPickup1.interior = 4; //---Sets Pickups Interior

causes a console error of :
can't define property "interior": Object is not extensible

This was me attempting to arrange a pickup within ViceCity's mall (Inside Interior 4)

Steps To Reproduce

.interior is used as a extender for objects within the serverside code.

Additional Information

I'm not the best at java and only began 3 days ago, so please forgive me if any of the information above is unclear or incorrect.

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