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0000465Client/GameGrand Theft Auto IIIpublic2023-02-04 13:48
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Platformx64OSWindowsOS Version11
Product Version1.5.1 
Summary0000465: Unhandled exception only after rejoining III server with existing files

After updating my client and server to version 1.5.1, GTA III has started crashing on me consistently any time I join my server with the client after already having downloaded the server's files for the client itself. First joins after clearing the cache and other resources does not cause it, nor does the initial join where the files are downloaded. Any attempts to join again after results in an unhandled exception crash.

Steps To Reproduce
  1. Join the server to download the files and play.
  2. Disconnect and quit the game after downloading and successfully joining/logging in/playing normally.
  3. Launch the client and connect to the server again.
  4. Upon the scripts loading, (which display a login screen and temporarily hide the chat box), the unhandled exception occurs.
  5. Clicking "Continue" results in a crash and cannot be bypassed.
Additional Information

A dump file has been included. The issue does not appear to happen with the other games. I have not tested this with a default server to rule out resource issues, however everything seems to have worked fine in version 1.5.0.

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2023-02-04 13:48


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