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0000182Client/GameGrand Theft Auto: Vice Citypublic2020-07-22 02:48
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Summary0000182: Using ShareX program's region capture with GTA Connected bugs out the chatbox.

Basically ShareX is a program that's really useful for taking screenshots and uploading it in a second. If I use the "region capture" feature which only lets me screenshot a specific region of the screen (CTLR + PrntScrn ) it completely bugs out the chat box in a way that the backspace button can no longer be used, the a button deletes the entire chat input and pressing just "v" pastes whatever you have on your clipboard.

I tested the same buttons without ShareX and the chatbox did not bug it out so I'm pretty positive that the program is somehow interfeering with the game, I might be wrong though.

Steps To Reproduce

1: Install ShareX
2: Start GTA VC with GTA Connected (not sure if this happens on other games)
3: Try to region capture with CTRL + PrntScrn
4: Game should alt tab you out, once you tab back in the chatbox inputs should be bugged

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2020-07-22 02:48

administrator   ~0000083

I can confirm. I've been using ShareX for a couple years now and have been experiencing this bug recently.
I didn't realize ShareX was the issue until I saw this bug report and reproduced it.

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