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0000214ServerGrand Theft Auto IVpublic2020-10-22 21:56
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Product Version1.1.21 
Summary0000214: Restarting a resource when the resource creates vehicles, crashes the client
DescriptionMy script creates several vehicles server sided to test a few functions and scripts, once I rebooted the resource; every client disconnected.
Steps To Reproducecreate a server sided file with the following content:

    function(_, resource)
        if (resource == thisResource) then
            local vehicle= gta.createVehicle(1821991593, randomLocation.crook)
            vehicle.setColours(vehicle, 0, 0)

start the script, connect to the server, restart the script. watch it crash.
Additional Informationcrashlogs:
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2020-10-22 21:56

reporter   ~0000096

Adding to this, the server appears to get stuck in an infinite loop creating the vehicles again in the same position. Within a second or so you can see dozens and dozens of the same vehicle model all within each other. This is most observable with a Police Maverick as they instantly shoot across the sky in all directions (as if they're trying to spread out).

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