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0000215ServerGrand Theft Auto IVpublic2020-10-10 12:16
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Summary0000215: Spawning a player on another location breaks every action from the player
DescriptionSpawning the player for example on -246, -589, 4 (x,y,z, vec3 format) and entering a vehicle will crash the client. This happens when you either spawn a vehicle or hijack a vehicle from the generated traffic. This doesn't happen when you drive/walk/swim there and then hijack a car, nor does it happen when you create a car on the starting island (happy island, they call it? more like a jail surrounded with water).
Steps To Reproduce1. Create a server sided script (lua code enclosed);
addEventHandler ( "OnPlayerJoined",
    function ( _, client )
        spawnPlayer ( client, Vec3 ( -246.37889099121, -589.7584838867, 4.1604571342468 ) );
        fadeCamera ( client, true );

2. try to get in a car as a driver.
Additional Informationcrashlogs;
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2020-10-10 12:16

reporter   ~0000091

I haven't tested this on a public server, just on my local server. so the steps would be;
1. start your local server
2. launch the game
3. use /connect localhost to join your server (you'll be at happiness island then)
4. spawn a car at happiness island > works
5. let the script spawn you somewhere else
6. spawn a car / hijack a car
7. crash

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