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0000228ClientGrand Theft Auto IVpublic2021-01-03 23:59
Reporterlamuerte990 Assigned Tojack9267  
Status closedResolutionnot fixable 
Platformx64OSWindowsOS Version10
Summary0000228: Adding and Re-tweaking Level System
DescriptionIt would make the separate multiplayer system on GTA Connected much more fun and interesting by bringing back the level system. But each level needs to have a change value so that way grinding is not going to be redundant and boring.
Additional InformationIf possible, try to make a standalone save file for the user's online data, character, and level.
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B Dawg

2020-11-30 12:21

reporter   ~0000109

Just make everyone level 10 by default with the ''Let Sleeping Rockstars Lie'' achievement unlocked.


2021-01-03 23:38

administrator   ~0000133

This should be scripted within the scripting system of Grand Theft Auto Connected. Please feel free to recommend scripting apis to help with this.

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