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0000241ServerGame Launcher / Server Browserpublic2023-05-16 12:17
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Summary0000241: Client native command to make the chat bigger and/or maybe scrolling?

It would be actually really cool to have a command like /chatfont to set the
font size bigger/smaller and /chatsize to actually show more lines of the chat.

Currently there are 7 lines, without the possibility to scroll... I know that there
is a possibility to also rework the chat by myself, but font.render does not
handle color codes.

I hope it ain't a wish too big ;P

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2020-12-13 11:25

reporter   ~0000125

I just found the /chatscale command, thought - knew I had seen something like this tho.


2020-12-13 11:37

administrator   ~0000126

Yeah I recommended this a long time ago using some inspiration from another multiplayer mod, just slightly differently on the commands:
/chatfont to change the actual the font (system fonts like Arial, Comic Sans, Courier New, etc)
/chatlines to set the number of visible lines
/chatsize to set the text size
/chatback to enable a semi-transparent background
/chatshadow to enable shadows under the text
/chatweight to set the text weight (thin, light, normal, medium, bold, etc)


2020-12-13 11:46

reporter   ~0000127

Well the most of that would be just setting existing variables. Ain't you Developer too?

I tried to make a chat that is bigger with font.render but since color codes are not handled
I had to decide .... rather style or more lines. And for development stage i prefer style �


2020-12-13 11:48

administrator   ~0000128

These variables are hard coded at the moment and don't save. I'd prefer having the old client cvars back to handle this.


2020-12-13 12:00

reporter   ~0000129

But there is sqlite not? That's offering a proper way to save client side config data :)

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