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0000270Client/GameGame Launcher / Server Browserpublic2021-07-15 15:19
ReporterCytise Assigned ToVortrex  
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Platformx64OSWindowsOS Version10
Summary0000270: Disconnected

I always open grand theft auto connected and always see in the bottom left corner “disconnected,connecting,connected to server listing,disconnected” all the time

TagsLauncher, Networking, Server List, Websockets
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2021-02-08 10:51

reporter   ~0000152

Hi there! I had the same problem (original steam version) I solved this problem by downloaded another game.exe file


2021-02-08 14:24

reporter   ~0000153

What type of game exe file should i download?


2021-02-08 14:35

reporter   ~0000154

And what should i do with it?


2021-02-08 14:37

reporter   ~0000155

Download an exe from gamecopyworld... and owerwrite the original... this worked for me


2021-02-08 16:13

reporter   ~0000156

I’m sorry but can you give me the full details? Im sorry for asking but I’m a little confused


2021-02-08 18:38

administrator   ~0000159

This has nothing to do with your game. There is a networking issue between your PC and the server list.


2021-02-17 14:55

administrator   ~0000164

Please ensure that the GTA Connected launcher is added to your antivirus exceptions and it isn't behind a firewall.

This isn't very common but in some cases you may need to use a proxy or VPN to connect to the server listing. There are some ISPs and nations that can block these connections and unfortunately this is not something we can control.


2021-07-15 15:19

administrator   ~0000212

Unfortunately this isn't something we can fix. There are a number of reasons why you might be having this issue. At least one of them is likely your problem.

  • Your ISP is blocking network traffic to/from the masterlist server host.
  • Your country or region has firewalled connections to the region of the masterlist server (from past reports, this happens most commonly in some parts of Russia)
  • You have a VPN enabled.
  • Your PC's firewall has blocked the launcher from communicating with the masterlist server
  • Your antivirus is blocking or interfering with the launcher

As an alternative, you can use the web page to see a list of servers. Just click the IP of one to connect. Your browser may ask if you want to open the link in GTAC. Choose yes.

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