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0000297GTAC Client/GameGrand Theft Auto IVpublic2021-04-13 10:53
ReporterDatHeroAndy Assigned ToVortrex  
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Platformx64OSWindowsOS Version10
Summary0000297: Can't see cars of other people sometimes

So, my brother spawned a car and drove in it. I couldn't see the car. It was also the other way around.

Steps To Reproduce
  1. Brother on one PC spawning a random car and getting into it (We are on the same Internet)
  2. Me on the other PC not seeing the car
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2021-04-02 04:53

administrator   ~0000197

How did he spawn the vehicle?


2021-04-02 10:04

reporter   ~0000198

With the /v Command on the "Vortrex's Freeroam Server"


2021-04-02 10:55

administrator   ~0000199

Ah. It's the bug with gta.createVehicle
One of these days I'll fix my freeroam server scripts to use the native instead, but it's only a workaround and gta.createVehicle needs to be fixed.

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