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Summary0000350: Servers on the 3d era of games do not work well. HELP

In GTA VC and GTA SA when you join the server you created. It has you fall from a height to kill you. You will not respawn. I way around this is keeping the free roam folder. But sadly then there is no cars and NPCS. Clouds move fast for some reason as well. Setting a password for your server does not work because it does not give you a box to insert your password resulting in no connection.

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2021-10-06 19:55

administrator   ~0000229

Okay so you have three issues in one here.
I'll start with the first: the freeroam resource that comes included with the server does NOT work with any game other than GTA 3. You'll need to use other resources for the other games. You can find some here: and Mex also has a good all-in-one resource here:

Second, the default freeroam resource does not disable traffic or peds. You can enable these in the server config by setting the "traffic" and "civilians" cvars to 1.

Third, "Clouds move fast for some reason as well." ... This is a client bug, not server. Please file a bug report in the client project (you can switch it on the top right of the page). Be sure to add which game this happened on.

Fourth, sometimes the locked state of a server doesn't immediately update in the launcher. I sometimes need to switch tabs on the launcher's server browser and switch back to see the updated server lock status. Give that a try. The launcher will then ask for a password if it sees the server is locked when trying to launch.

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