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0000408ServerServerpublic2023-02-01 02:03
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Summary0000408: Dynamic CVars

(Originally suggested by PerikiyoXD)
There's no way of changing CVars by default on the console.

cvar set UniqueStuntJumps 1
[cvar] UniqueStuntJumps = 1

cvar get UniqueStuntJumps
[cvar] UniqueStuntJumps = 0

Scripting API has some specialized functions for on-the-fly toggling:


Another approach could be:

setCVar("traffic", 0);
setCVar("trains", 1);
setCVar("planes", 0);
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2022-06-17 12:17

administrator   ~0000269

This would also require resyncing the updated CVar to the client.

The effects of some cvars may not be able to be changed without a reload of the game, so those might need to be marked as read-only somehow.
If they aren't readonly (and the server updates the cvar), incoming clients will receive the new one when connecting and their game will be set differently than the already connected players.


2022-06-17 12:20

reporter   ~0000270

CVars are set once but those might be set only by the server on demand. Compatibility or stability might depend on the CVar.


2023-02-01 02:02

administrator   ~0000337

So I'm thinking that a "read-only" state to the CVar system in Galactic might solve this issue

The internal function to set a CVar:

bool Set(const GChar* pszName, const GChar* pszValue, bool bCreate);

Perhaps a 4th arg like bool bReadOnly, and of course a bool member in the CVar class.
Using true for that new arg when calling to set the initial cvars from config when the server starts.

And an internal util function would be helpful:

bool IsReadOnly(const GChar* pszName);

This way we can have a server.setCVar in the scripting API without being able to modify the ones that can't (shouldn't?) be changed.

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