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0000469ServerGrand Theft Auto: San Andreaspublic2023-06-29 06:33
ReporterLandimizer Assigned To 
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Platformx64OSWindowsOS Version10
Product Version1.5.1 
Summary0000469: [Crash] Occasional crash when entering a vehicle in a private San Andreas server

Me (and a few of my friends who went through the same downgrading process from the Steam version of San Andreas) are playing on a private server. With seemingly random requirements, sometimes entering a vehicle crashes the game. Around 50% of the time a vehicle is entered, the game freezes, followed by a crash. This crash happens when entering as a driver (pressing F) or entering as a passenger (pressing G with the "v-passenger" script).

Sometimes it will crash everyone who attempts to enter a vehicle. Sometimes it only crashes the driver, or only crashes the passenger.

I've attached the server config file (which I doubt is causing issues, but just in case), and two crash logs. The first ("2023-03-15 19-17-14.655.dmp.gz") being one of my own crashes (entering as a driver), and the second ("2023-03-16_00-21-35.104.dmp.gz") being a crash from my friend (entering as a passenger).

Steps To Reproduce
  • Enter a vehicle.
  • Crash...? (seemingly around 50% chance)
Additional Information

Playing on a private server hosted on my machine with these scripts:

  • "v-events" (unmodified)
  • "freeroam" (slightly modified to only load some code (all code except for the "fade") when playing GTA III, as that's what the script was made for)
  • "v-nametags" (unmodified)
  • "v-passenger" (unmodified)
  • "v-sandbox" (slightly modified to remove some code from "/server/main.js", as they caused errors in the console - lines 26, 27, and 28 have been commented out)
  • "v-spawnscreen" (slightly modified to change instances of "onPedDeath" to "onPedDeathEX" from the "v-events" script to work with San Andreas)
  • "v-time" (unmodified)
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2023-03-15 23:35


server.xml (3,038 bytes)   
	Please see for a list of options and information

	<!-- General Information -->

	<!-- Networking -->

	<!-- Element Streaming -->

	<!-- Logging -->
	<logtimestamp>[%d/%m/%Y - %X]</logtimestamp>

	<!-- GTA IV -->
	<!-- -->
	<!-- -->

	<!-- Modules -->
	<!-- -->

	<!-- Global CVars -->
	<!-- -->
	<cvar name="nametags" value="1" />
	<cvar name="gunshops" value="1" />
	<cvar name="uniquestuntjumps" value="1" />
	<cvar name="stuntjumps" value="1" />
	<cvar name="stauntontoiletcamera" value="1" />
	<cvar name="gates" value="1" />
	<cvar name="trains" value="1" />
	<cvar name="planes" value="1" />
	<cvar name="maximumwantedlevel" value="6" />
	<cvar name="defaultparkedcars" value="1" />
	<cvar name="ambulances" value="1" />
	<cvar name="traffic" value="1" />
	<cvar name="civilians" value="1" />
	<cvar name="defaultpickups" value="1" />
	<cvar name="singleplayer" value="1" />
	<cvar name="bigmap" value="1" />
	<cvar name="trainers" value="0" />
	<cvar name="scripts" value="1" />
	<cvar name="iv_skiplobby" value="1" />
	<cvar name="iv_allowtrains" value="1" />
	<cvar name="iv_playerwalking" value="0" />
	<cvar name="iv_scenariopeds" value="1" />
	<cvar name="iv_randomcops" value="1" />
	<cvar name="iv_sptraffic" value="1" />
	<cvar name="iv_spcopmodels" value="1" />
	<cvar name="iv_networkedobjects" value="1" />

	<!-- Rules -->
	<!-- -->
	<rule name="Owner" value="Nobody" />
	<rule name="Website" value="" />

	<!-- Resources -->
	<!-- -->
		<resource src="events" />
		<resource src="freeroam" />
		<resource src="nametags" />
		<resource src="passenger" />
		<resource src="sandbox" />
		<resource src="spawnscreen" />
		<resource src="time" />
server.xml (3,038 bytes)   


2023-06-29 06:33

reporter   ~0000374

Still an issue on 1.5.8, happens very commonly on my self-hosted server to the point where clients will crash every 10-15 minutes.

Multiple crash dumps attached, my server.xml:

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