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0000476ServerServerpublic2023-04-27 18:27
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Platformx64OSWindowsOS Version11
Product Version1.5.3 
Summary0000476: GTA III with enabled traffic NPC isn't PLAYABLE anymore

I recently reported a similar problem. There, it turned out that blips attached to a player who is in a vehicle on another island was the problem, but apparently not the only one....

Since server version 1.5.3 there is another problem. I can't even explain it so that you would understand (that's why I included a video on how to repeat the crash).

If there are NPCs in vehicles (traffic) enabled, there is more than one player and each is on a different island, which one will constantly crash when on the screen of one of them, a vehicle appears (usually crashes the one who is not in Portland).

I also checked in GTA Vice City, everything seems to be fine there.

Steps To Reproduce

Here it's video, how to do. This crash works on every server with enabled traffic (also with blank script).

  1. Open a local server (Linux or Windows, this crash works on both) and open clients in two windows (like in video above).
  2. Set position for first player : "1379.2, -192.8, 50.2".
  3. Set position for second player : "196.5, -311.8, 16.2".
  4. Just wait for traffic. :)
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2023-04-16 07:25



2023-04-16 19:25

reporter   ~0000356

However, NPC (also when they are not driving cars) cause a crash. It doesn't just always happen, but often.
Today we played for a long time and it was only when I disabled NPC completely that it was possible to play on server. Otherwise, all players got crashes.


2023-04-27 18:27

reporter   ~0000363

I can't reproduce it on Client 1.5.4/ Server 1.5.7.
Propably fixed? :D

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