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0000485Client/GameServerpublic2023-07-24 12:22
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Platformx64OSWindowsOS Version11
Product Version1.5.3 
Summary0000485: player.heading is read only on server side

Player heading cannot be set server side.

Steps To Reproduce

Set player.heading on server. The change won't appear.

Additional Information

Client-side works correctly.

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2023-05-09 18:04

reporter   ~0000370

Tested on GTA3.


2023-05-09 18:10

reporter   ~0000371

second player sees, that server try to change player heading for 1 sec, but it goes back to its previous heading, so it's looks like, heading is read/set, but set isn't works fine.

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2023-07-24 12:22

administrator   ~0000377

That's because it's being reset by the client that's syncing it.
Use a network event to tell the client to set their heading.

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